Job Seeking Tips and Resources

Job Seeking Tips and Resources:

-Ask for $5,000 - $10,000 more than what you expect to make.  You're worth it!

-Don't let recruiters submit your resume to a job opening w/o your permission.  If a company receives multiple resumes from different recruiting companies they usually dismiss the application.  This is because of legal disputes they might face.  Play it safe and ask your recruiter to call you before they submit your resume for any job opening.  All good recruiters will do this anyway.

-Use two or three good recruiters and no more.   Be selective.  In demand candidates often get calls from dozens of recruiters.  Two or three good recruiters are more then sufficient.  Ask your recruiter what their client base is like.  If they have a lot of clients that you are interested in working for, then use them.

-Keep a list of recruiters who contact you.  This may come in handy for later use.   You are likely to have several different jobs in your career.  Get used to it.

-Some job sites are overloaded with over a million on-line resumes.   In today's job market, most companies don't have time to sift through all of these resumes.  Instead recruiters will seek out the best on-line candidates and contact you.  If you don't want to be contacted by a recruiter post to company job postings only.  Be proactive...

-Be proactive and search for companies in your area.  This is really easy and it is probably the best way to get noticed.  If you want to work for a specific company, I guarantee you can get yourself an interview.  Use the Yahoo! Yellow Pages to get the phone# of companies that fit your profile.  Call and ask for human resources.   Talk to someone and tell them you are interested in working for that company.   This person in hr becomes your contact.  Get a fax# or email address and send your resume directly to that contact.   Follow up with a phone call a week later asking them to set up an interview. 

-Network.  Have an employee of a company which you would like to work for submit your resume to human resources.  Call the human resources department a week after your resume was submitted.  Don't rely on your friend to call hr do it yourself.

-If you are a foreign immigrant or your grammar is not perfect have a professional write your resume.  This is the only money a job seeker should spend when searching for a job.  Aside from a new suit that is!  If possible have an experienced professional in your job field proof read your resume.

-Don't pay to 'blast' your resume to job posting sites.  Some supposed job sites will offer you a 'blasting' service.  Some charge huge fees.  They are taking advantage of the job seeker.  The sites which they submit your resume to are worthless. 

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